Connectivity to underserved communities and digital marketing

Iziko Connect is a public Wi-Fi network, insights and digital marketing platform

With operations in Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Iziko is a social enterprise, that provides connectivity to underserved communities and digital marketing, insights and strategy services looking to communicate with the growing community that uses Iziko’s wireless hotspots to connect to the internet. Iziko overcomes cost barriers by providing free access to the internet through a generic portal that allows local advertisers and content creators a platform to broadcast their content to a wider and growing local audience. 


Reached over 6000 sessions logged


Hotspots are currently live 5 areas


Days since the launch


unique users
Digital Advertising

Iziko allows you to communicate and advertise to our growing community of users at the click of a button. Learn More

Customized Lead Generation

Our user pathway to accessing the internet, allows us to gather rich data on key demographic markers of our user community.
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Bespoke and Real Time Marketing Research

Marketing research takes a long time. By the time you receive the insights behaviours may have shifted, Learn more

Insights and Strategy

Our insights gathered from data on our growing community allows us to better understand connectivity and internet usage patterns in communities,
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Nomonde’s Tavern

Sondlo Street, Mlungisi

Buffalo Road

Komani Park

Boxer Shopping Centre


Yolo Lounge


Boundary Pub